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Buzz Classes
Roster Display
Multiple Choice
Other Information
PHP Calculator
Free For All (FFA)
Feedback Form
Word Processor
CListViewA Windows style listview control.
CTreeViewA Windows style treeview control.
CPageControlA tabbed page control interface.
CButtonViewSame as a CPageControl, but the tabs are verticle.
CDBGridA base class for database table navgation.
CEditEmailA full email sending interface.
CEmbedYouTubeA simple You Tube movie control.
CGoogleMapA simple image control for displaying a location on a map.
CFeedbackFormA simple feebback form control.
CFileEditorA control to allow server side files to be edited.
CMultipleChoiceA multiple choice control.
CRichEditA richedit (HTML editor) control.
CHighlightProvides a display of PHP code with highlighting.
CWidgetBase class for reusable widgets.
CInputBase class to all HTML input controls.
CToolBarWindows style toolbar.