About Geep Jeez!

LiveReverbGeep Effects Pack – Updated: 8 November 2015

I’ve just released 3 VST effects I’ve been working on for months. This pack includes a reverb, chorus and delay, which are the only effects I use. I’ll will post more information and demo recordings in the next few days.

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Geep Jeez! ( i know, strange name) is a Jesusonic (JS) Script editor with the Jes2Cpp transpiler built into it. You will need a C++ compiler to create VST DLL’s. With Jeez, you can create DLL versions of your JS effects. Jeez is not a JS interpreter (Jeez is a JS to C++ converter), as such, not all the JS language is currently supported. But, most of the effects that are released with REAPER will compile, and more will be supported soon.

The aim of this project is to allow people to write audio effects in REAPER and then create VST’s which will work with any VST enabled host.

Note: You can already run JS effects using REAPER ReaPlugs, but you may have the desire to want your own DLL. In which case, Jeez will do the hard work of converting to C++.

Screenshot from 2015-05-19 14_38_04What you need to Install

A lot has changed since this project started. You no longer need the VST SDK to create VST DLL’s. You still need to install a GCC compiler. The ones I use are TDM-GCC-32 and TDM-GCC-64, which are available from:


NOTE: GCC5.1.0 is currently causing problems with pre-compiled libraries, so you will need to download (TDM-GCC64 v4.9.2-3) from here:


You only need one installed, but both can be used at the same time, which is useful since TDM-GCC-32 produces slightly smaller DLL’s, but TDM-GCC-64 also creates 64bit DLL’s.

But, that’s it. Nothing else (apart from Geep Jeez!) needs to be installed. While you are installing GCC compilers, you might as well grab code::blocks.


When Geep Jeez is ported to Mac, this is the GCC/DEV package I will be supporting.

InPodiumDownloading & Installing the VST SDK

NOTE: You no longer require the VST SDK to create VST effects. Jeez now uses a VST wrapper called VeST. But, it is a good idea to grab the SDK just in case you want to recompile using another compiler.

Due to Steinberg licensing issues, the VST SDK can not be released with Jeez. Therefore, you will need to download them yourself.

Download the “VST 3.6.0 Audio Plug-Ins SDK” zip from here:

If the link isn’t available, Google for the latest SDK. (I will try to keep this link valid)

Funny-Goat-56About the Name “Geep Jeez!”

When I was trying to think about a name for my editor, I tried to think of a “Jesus” related name, which also was an expression of “wow”. I like the definition: “Jeez!: an expression of surprise or strong emotion”. As for the brand Geep. I was coding one day, and I went to type in the “Beep” command, and accidentally typed “Geep”. So, I Googled the word Geep.

A Geep is a cross between a sheep and a goat, which I thought was funny, and goats are dam cool, so, hence the name. Make sense?