• (RESOLVED) Bug Report! VST Serialization Doesn’t Work in Graphics Mode


    This issue has been resolved. Please download version 2.8+

    Ok, due to a complete over-site on my part, Jeez parameter serialization doesn’t work in graphics mode. I assumed the REAPER VST serialization of graphical VST’s was “the standard”, but, as it turns out, I was incorrect. Dang!

    So, The Bad News…

    What this means is, graphical VST’s will only work in REAPER, which, somewhat defeats the purpose of Jeez in the first place.

    But, The Good News…

    I have installed a copy of Cubase LE from 2004 and I have fixed the issue. I plan on testing the fix over the next few weeks, before releasing version 2.8.

    Sorry about this total over-site. I will get the issue solved before Christmas.

    Note, version 2.8 also includes support for resourced images, so, all your graphical images can now be wrapped up into the one DLL. Just like all the professionals do it.

    Thanks for your patience.


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