• Black Box – Little Black Box Distortion + GMax VST Maximizing Limiter.

    music_box_by_lemsc-d4lp78oThis is my first full recording using my Little Black Box distortion effect. You can download TLBB effect from here:

    Ive also started to use a new compressor called GMax.

    GMax is pretty dam cool. Event when you crank the knobs, it rarely distorts and it works for everything. Again, I’m still using the Kjaerhus classic effects. I still haven’t found anything that comes close to their Chorus, Flange & AutoFilter.
    A small amount of reverb was added using an IR and I used a FIR_8 for master eq-ing. Simple.

    I’m tired of making videos for YouTube, so, I guess music will be it from now on.

    There are 3 guitars and a real bass guitar. All were recorded in one take, so yep, I made mistakes. I could go back and record each bit perfectly, but I’ve never been interested in do that kinda stuff.

    Various effects were added, plus some auto harmonized guitars. Drums are just chopped up samples. I’m not happy with the drums, but then, I hate creating MIDI drum beats, so, I’m going to try a new drum VST effect. If that doesn’t work, then I guess I have to wait until I can get some electronic drums.

    For anyone that wants a MP3 copy of this recording:

    Direct Link:


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