Jeez V2.9 – Updated 4th December 2015

Download Geep Jeez (Win32 Installer) (~6.0M)

I’ve decided to leave this project at v2.x and move onto a new project. You can still send me any bug reports, which I’ll fix ASAP. I will return to Jeez in a few months, when, I plan on coding a RAD style GUI editor for Jeez.

Note: As of v1.6, the Jeez can be compiled for Linux, but you will have to grab the source code from the Windows installer until I’m ready to release Linux binaries.

TDM-GCC64 C++ Compiler (Required & Recommended)

You will need the TDM-GCC64 C++ compiler to create VST DLL’s. Note: Only the 64bit version 4.9.2-3 is supported which you can download from here: (~42M)

The 64bit version creates both 32/64 DLL’s on either a 32/64 bit system.

Note: The latest version (5.x) seems to have problems with pre-compiled libraries, which Jeez uses if you want external audio file loading. I don’t see any reason to use 5.x over the 4.9.2-3 release.

Jeez works with both TDM32 and TDM64, but I recommend TDM64 since you can create 64bit DLL’s with it. TDM64 also creates 32bit DLL’s and works on Win32. TDM32 creates slightly smaller 32bit DLL’s.

Visual C++ Express

You can also use Visual C++ Express (which is free), but since I haven’t been able to automate the build via Jeez, you will have to create your own projects. If you have trouble doing that, try looking at the MDA-VST projects.

Note, I’m no longer supporting any other compiler other than TDM-GCC64 4.9.2-3.

Steinberg  VST SDK (Not Required)

Download the “VST 3.6.5 Audio Plug-Ins SDK” zip from here: