VST Effects


Updated: 8th November 2015

The Geep Effects Pack has been re-compiled using Jeez 2.8. These new versions include bug fixes and have been tested using Cubase LE 2004, so they should work with most hosts. Email me if they don’t work for you, so I can fix Jeez ASAP.

I’ve finally finished my 3 base VST effects. I can’t write much about these effects since my hands are stuffed from coding long hours. So, I’ll just put the download link and some screen shots. Full source code is available in the Jeez installer. I will provide some demo recordings in the next few days.

Download the Geep Effects Pack (~1.0M)

 Geep Live Reverb


Geep Chorus (Dual Modulation/Delay)


Geep Delay (Surround Spin)


Geep Effects in REAPER